Night Time Is The Right Time

Roosevelt Sykes

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Blues pianist Roosevelt Sykes billed as “The Honey Dripper” recorded “Night Time Is the Right Time” for Decca in 1937 calling it “one of his ‘hits’ of the day.” The song is a moderate-tempo twelve-bar blues that features Sykes on vocal and piano. It has been suggested that it was drawn from the old vaudeville tradition

In 1938, Big Bill Broonzy recorded the song with slightly different (and more suggestive) lyrics. The same year, Roosevelt Sykes recorded a second version titled “Night Time Is the Right Time #2”, also with different lyrics. These earliest recordings of “Night Time Is the Right Time” are credited to Roosevelt Sykes and Leroy Carr. Although Carr died in 1935 without any known recordings of the song, “Night Time Is The Right Time” bears considerable similarity to Carr’s “When The Sun Goes Down”. The latter was phenomenally popular song at this time, having been covered by the Ink Spots and also serving as a model for “Love In Vain” by Robert Johnson.

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