Autumn Leaves

Sarah Vaughan and Wynton Marsalis

A blazing performance by two greats

In 1984, a PBS special by John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra welcomed singer Sarah Vaughan and trumpeter Wynton Marsalis as featured guests.

“Autumn Leaves” showcases Vaughan and Marsalis with the singer’s trio which includes pianist George Gaffney.

Sassy’s uptempo scatting during her three choruses is filled with miraculous moments including a remarkable slide between octaves that launches her second chorus.

The 22-year old Marsalis takes a dazzling trumpet solo of his own.

The interaction and “fade out” by the two giants conclude this memorable and witty performance.


Sarah Vaughan, vocals
Wynton Marsalis, trumpet
George Gaffney, piano
Andy Simpkins, bass
Harold Jones, drums

– Scott Yanow

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