Big Noise From Winnetka – 1967

Gene Krupa


30 years after he hit it big, Gene Krupa still had it

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Gene Krupa was the first superstar drummer, one who uplifted the drums from an instrument that merely kept time and added color to one that could be taken seriously as a solo instrument.

After his period with Benny Goodman (1935-38), Krupa had a long solo career, retaining his popularity and enthusiasm.

“Big Noise From Winnetka” was a hit for the team of bassist-composer Bob Haggart and drummer Ray Bauduc with Bob Crosby’s band, climaxed when Bauduc “played” the string bass with his drum sticks.

From 1967, Krupa and bassist Benny Moten do their version of that famous song in colorful fashion; the drummer’s quartet also includes tenor-saxophonist Eddie Shu and pianist Albert Kenney.

-Scott Yanow


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