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Dafnis Prieto Group

From the album “Triangles and Circles”


Peter Apfelbaum – soprano sax
Manuel Valera – piano
Johannes Weidenmueller – bass
Dafnis Prieto – drums

Video by Makoto Matsuo

Our friend musician/scholar/producer Ned Sublette sent us this one – and here’s my advice: When Ned recommends, it’s always worth a listen.

By the way, speaking of Ned…

A “can and string” wasn’t available so he and I had to use the ultra-modern US cell phone system for a recent interview on Jazz on the Tube.

I’m a little muddy. He’s fairly clear. (Line quality by Verizon)

Ned talks about his recent trip to Cuba (his 26th or 27th, but who’s counting?) He also talks about his latest book and an intriguing project he’s working on with Big Chief Donald Harrison.

Jazz on the Tube talks with Ned Sublette