Blue ‘n’ Boogie – 2021

Wycliffe Gordon & Adrian Cunningham

A hot jam with the Emmet Cohen Trio

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Pianist Emmet Cohen and his trio with bassist Russell Hall and drummer Kyle Poole have hosted a long series of enjoyable jazz sessions with special guests who augment the group.

One night they hosted trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and tenor-saxophonist Adrian Cunningham, a pair of very skilled and witty players who enjoy playing ensembles and interacting with each other.

On Dizzy Gillespie’s “Blue ‘n’ Boogie,” the performance begins in surprising fashion with the two horns having a lengthy and a rather conversational tradeoff.

After the trombonist solos, Cunningham creates a rather remarkable improvisation that will certainly hold onto one’s interest.

Cohen takes a solo that swings boppishly with hints of earlier jazz (including a quote of “Royal Garden Blues”), preceding briefer bass and drum spots and the closing melody.

All in all, this performance has more than its share of highlights and surprises.

-Scott Yanow


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