Happy Birthday Marcus Roberts

August 7, 1963


Country by Choice

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Pianist and composer Marcus Roberts was born on August 7th, 1963 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Roberts, who lost his sight at the age of five, began teaching himself piano at a young age.

In 1986, he joined the band of the legendary trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, where he first gained recognition.

Roberts has led and recorded with a wide variety of bands, including duets, trios, big bands, and symphony orchestras.

Marcus soon began releasing solo albums documenting his own walking bass reliant style and has become renowned for his interpretations of greats as Morton, Ellington, Monk, and Gershwin.

Marcus Roberts currently holds a position Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at Florida State University.

Marcus Roberts is featured live at Marciac 2009 performing “Country by Choice”, a tune from his album “The Truth is Spoken Here.”

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