Donna Lee – 2010

Eddie Daniels and Damian Draghici

Brilliant clarinet and pan-flute playing on the Charlie Parker classic

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Charlie Parker’s “Donna Lee” has always been a tongue-twister for horn players, particularly when taken up-tempo.

Few clarinetists have sounded relaxed during the melody statement of “Donna Lee” other than the late Buddy DeFranco and Eddie Daniels, and one could venture a guess that no pan-flute player has ever attempted “Donna Lee” at a rapid speed.

At a Nov. 12, 2010 concert in Romania, the Eddie Daniels Quartet with pianist Randy Porter, bassist Scott Steed, and drummer Reggie Jackson welcomed guest Damian Draghici who, during the rapid melody statement of “Donna Lee,” plays flawlessly in unison with Daniels.

After the tempo purposely slows down, Draghici takes a remarkable solo full of double-time runs and, although Daniels and Porter also have fine spots, Draghici had already stolen the show in remarkable fashion.

-Scott Yanow


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