Far East Suite

Harry Carney

April 1, 1910 – October 8, 1974

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The Duke Ellington Orchestra features a solo from Harry Carney.

Harry Carney was the next door neighbor of Johnny Hodges when he was growing up in Boston.

Influenced by his saxophonists including Coleman Hawkins he began traveling to New York City to play gigs.

In 1927 when he was seventeen Carney was hired by the Duke Ellington initially as an alto and soprano saxophonist.

He began bass clarinet in 1943 and took up baritone saxophone, the instrument that would be his mainstay of the rest of his career.

He recalled the death of Ellington in 1974 as the worst day of his life complaining that with out the Duke he had nothing left to live for. Harry Carney died a few months later.

More great music like this at 30sJazz.com