Grant Green Trio – 1969

Grant Green

Rare and priceless footage of the great guitarist

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One of the great jazz guitarists of all time, Grant Green was essentially the house guitarist for the Blue Note label during 1961-65, appeared on many important sessions; he switched to funk in the late 1960s, struggled a bit, and passed away prematurely.

Green was famous for mostly playing single-note lines (only occasionally hitting chords), his bright singing tone, and a bluesy but adventurous style.

There is very little film of Grant Green, making this half-hour of music from 1969 (one of the last times that he performed straight ahead jazz) a major discovery.

From a Paris concert on October 26, 1969, Green performs “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing,” “Oleo,” “How Insensitive,” “Untitled Blues,” and “Sonnymoon For Two” in a trio with bassist Larry Ridley and drummer Don Lamond.

-Scott Yanow


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