Haiku for Kevin Bryan – 2020

Bobby Sanabria & the Multiverse Big Band


A warm ballad for a top trumpeter

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A masterful drummer and percussionist, Bobby Sanabria worked earlier in his career with such giants as Mario Bauza, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, and Paquito D’Rivera plus many others.

Sanabria has been leading big band recordings since 2001; his Multiverse Big Band features some of New York’s top musicians playing Afro-Cuban jazz.

“Haiku for Kevin Bryan,” which was arranged by Jeremy Fletcher, is a tribute to lead trumpeter Kevin Bryan who died in 2018; Bryan had worked extensively with Sanabria and with other big bands including those of Tito Puente, Harry Connick and Count Basie.

The warm medium-tempo ballad, which has some short solos but mostly features the ensemble, was videotaped on smart phones during the Pandemic and, through expert mixing, it allows the 21-piece band to sound as if they were in the same room together.

-Scott Yanow

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