Here’s That Rainy Day – 1994

Archie Shepp


Shepp and Horace Parlan dig into a ballad

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One of the most important figures of the free jazz/avant-garde movement of the 1960s, Archie Shepp played fiery solos in a raspy tone that was sometimes reminiscent of Ben Webster, but with his adventurous ideas.

In the years since, he has occasionally played standards but in his own way, keeping the melody in mind while also keeping his improvising open to emotional outbursts.

Shepp had occasional standards projects with pianist Horace Parlan, a remarkable player who, because of having polio early in life, was only able to play chords which he did beautifully.

With bassist Wayne Dockery and drummer Steve McCraven completing the quartet, Archie Shepp caresses and wrestles with the melody of “Here’s That Rainy Day,” resulting in a heartfelt statement.

-Scott Yanow


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