I Got Rhythm – 2019

Judy Carmichael


A hot jam by the pianist’s quartet

Judy Carmichael has been one of the world’s top stride pianists ever since her emergence in 1980.

Inspired by Fats Waller and to a lesser extent James P. Johnson, Carmichael has not only been a colorful and infectious performer but has hosted her syndicated radio show Judy Carmichael’s Jazz Inspired since 1993.

Her concert of Nov. 19, 2019 was organized as a fundraiser for Jazz Inspired and included this heated version of “I Got Rhythm.”

Judy Carmichael is joined by clarinetist Dan Block, guitarist James Chirillo and bassist Pat O’Leary.

After a swinging clarinet solo, Carmichael takes an impressive stride piano solo, Chirillo plays some choruses worthy of Charlie Christian, and there are tradeoffs between the four musicians, leading to the tune’s climax.

-Scott Yanow

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