If I Were A Bell – 2011

Scott Robinson


Robinson swings on the “Jazzophone”

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Scott Robinson is one of those very rare individuals who seem to be able to play in any style on nearly any horn.

Certainly the only musician to work regularly with both Maria Schneider’s Orchestra and Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, Robinson is equally skilled on reed and brass instruments; he also enjoys reviving long-forgotten horns.

On July 3, 2911 at the Ear Inn in New York, Robinson demonstrated his expertise on the Jazzophone which looks like a saxophone but sounds like a two-belled (with one bell muted) cornet.

On “If I Were A Bell” while joined by guitarist Joe Cohn and bassist Jon Burr, Robinson alternates between the open and muted bells (a bit like Clark Terry) while swinging on the standard in witty fashion.

-Scott Yanow


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