Jazz experts agree: Eddie Durham is essential

Phil Schaap, Dan Morgenstern, Ken McCarthy


Deep from the heart of Texas

“The quantum musician most responsible for rearranging the rhythmic nucleus of jazz.”

Scott Joplin – Texan

Ornette Coleman – Texan

Eddie Durham – Texan

See a hidden pattern forming?

Eddie was a least as important as Ornette and Joplin, but he is unfairly unknown.

An annual festival in his birthplace, San Marcos, Texas is changing that.

The most important jazz story never told.

The Annual San Marcos Texas, Eddie Durham Tribute Sponsored by the Calaboose African American History Museum

The secret creative “spark plug” behind the success of the Blue Devils, Jimmy Lunceford, Lester Young, Freddie Green, Charlie Christian and Count Basie. Arranger of Glen Miller’s “In the Mood” too!

2020: Saturday, August 22, at 8 PM EDT
Live streamed
Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/297414401339420/

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