La Vie en Rose

Emmet Cohen Trio featuring Cyrille Aimee

6.3 million views and counting

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During the lockdowns, hundreds (thousands?), of musicians went online to keep doing what they do: performing for people who love the music.

Subscribers who’ve been with us since then know we supported this effort and gave all our 2020 revenue to streaming musicians and organizations that support musicians.

We also ran the largest (and really the only serious) comprehensive directory and calendar of streaming jazz performances.

Much fantastic music was created and we were introduced to many new friends.

In any group, there’s always one venture that stands out, and in this case “Emmet’s Place”, a series of filmed house parties, hit it out of the park.

This video got over 6 million views and probably introduced more new people to the pleasures of jazz than any single thing that’s happened in a very long time.

As long as there are players like this, the music’s future is in good hands.

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