Live at the Maple Leaf – Part One

James Booker

New Orleans 1983

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If you know New Orleans, you know the significance of footage of James Booker at the Maple Leaf. 

It’s a little like getting to see Mozart playing at your bar and grill. 

Booker was one of the greatest piano players New Orleans ever produced – which is saying a lot. 

Personal problems led to an erratic career path, but his playing was supreme. 

The Maple Leaf is still there. The music side of the club has all the ambience of a small garage. It’s mind boggling that this was where Booker had to play, but such is the way of music in America. 

Songs in this video: 

Papa was a Rascal
Tico Tico 
One for the Highway
One Hell of a Nerve 

Purportedly recorded ten days before his death.


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