Los Caramelos


Oscar Vales leads the singing on what
could be considered Cuban salsa

Irakere, which was founded in 1973, has always been a versatile and adaptable group.

While its horns riff furiously and the ensemble rages, percussionist Oscar Vales leads the singing on a spirited piece.

Although not technically salsa, those who enjoy Latin dance music and passionate vocalizing will enjoy this heated performance which includes plenty of stirring ensembles.


Chucho Valdes, piano
Jorge Varona, trumpet
Juan Munguia, trumpet
German Velazco, alto sax, soprano sax
Carlos Averhoff, tenor sax, flute
Jose Luis Cortes “El Tosco,” flute, baritone sax
Carlos Emilio Morales, guitar
Carlos del Puerto, bass
Enrique Piano, percussion
Jorge Alfonso “El Nin,” congas
Oscar Vales, percussion, vocals

– Scott Yanow

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