St. Louis Blues with the NY Philharmonic – 1956

Louis Armstrong


Armstrong meets Leonard Bernstein with spectacular results

On July 14, 1956, Louis Armstrong guested with Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic to perform “St. Louis Blues.”

Not only is it a very successful meeting of jazz meeting classical music, but this film clip is quite heart-warming for an aging W.C. Handy, who composed “St. Louis Blues” a half-century before, is in the audience.

Clarinetist Edmond Hall (don’t miss his first remarkable note when the performance starts to swing) and a rambunctious-sounding trombonist Trummy Young are in top form.

Not to be outdone, Louis Armstrong is heard at the peak of his powers, taking superb solos in both the slow and fast sections.

This memorable film clip is quite unforgettable.

-Scott Yanow

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