The Amman Jazz Festival

Mira’s Jazz Quartet


One of 20 bands performing at the Jordanian jazz festival during Nov. 5-10

Despite the odds, the 9th annual Amman Jazz Festival will be taking place in Jordan during Nov. 5-10, 2020 and it will be streamed for free on YouTube.

During a period when almost no jazz festivals are taking place, Amman will feature 18 bands and 77 local Jordanian artists who will be filmed on the rooftops of the MMAG Foundation.

If proof were needed that jazz is an international language, watching this festival will be an enlightening experience, and an opportunity for viewers to discover a wide variety of new talent.

Taking place from 7-10 p.m. each night, here is the schedule: Thursday Nov 5 features Jackie Salzinger, Hijazz, and Dirty Chords, Nov. 6 has Rawna Roshni, Omar Shukri, and Kateryna Krasova, Nov. 7 puts the spotlight on Guitanai, Hrag Mouradian, and the Jordanian Female Artist Collective, Nov. 8 has Oban, Jakes Hid, and Mambo Jambo, Nov. 9 features the Octave Band, Hosam Omran & Ibrahim Najada, and Jurf’s Gentlemen (with the Haleem Sinatra Project), and Nov. 10 has sets by Tayaran, Mira’s Jazz Quartet, and the Khaled Tawfiq Ensemble.

For a taste of what is upcoming, here is a performance by Mira’s Jazz Quartet.

-Scott Yanow

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