Born And Livin’ With The Blues

Brownie McGhee

Strugglin’ through

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Brownie McGhee (guitar & vocals) performs in 1966 accompanied by his old friend Sonny Terry (harmonica) for a CBS television broadcast.

As a child Brownie McGhee was stricken with polio paralyzing one of his legs which caused him to have to be pushed around in a cart by his older brother Granville “Sticks” McGhee. In response to his strong desire to play music Brownie’s uncle made him a homemade guitar from a tin box and a piece of board. He taught himself to play and began singing with the “Golden Voices Gospel Quartet” which improved his singing voice. It was an operation funded by the march of dimes that finally enabled Brownie to walk again and at age 22 Brownie became a traveling musician with the “Rabbit Foot Minstrels.” His life was never easy, but the blues made it better.

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