After Hours

Coleman Hawkins and Roy Eldridge

A classic pilot for a TV show featuring hot jazz

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In 1959, After Hours was filmed but, since it was a pilot for a half-hour television show that was not bought, it never officially aired.

The show, hosted by the hip William B. Williams, features tenor-saxophonist Coleman Hawkins playing “Lover Man,” trumpeter Roy Eldridge “dropping by” for “Sunday,” the two horns jamming “Just You, Just Me,” and singer Carol Seedens sitting in for “Taking A Chance On Love.”

The group also includes pianist Johnny Guarnieri, guitarist Barry Galbraith, bassist Milt Hinton and drummer Cozy Cole along with a pair of dancers.

The dialogue might be dated but the music is timeless; such a pity that this concept did not catch on as a series.


Coleman Hawkins, tenor
Roy Eldridge, trumpet
Johnny Guarnieri, piano
Barry Galbraith, guitar
Milt Hinton, bass
Cozy Cole, drums
Carol Seedens, vocals

-Scott Yanow


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