Flying Home

Tenor Battle

Five Tenor Great Play Together On “Flying Home”

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Illinois Jacquet made “Flying Home” famous in 1942 on his recording with Lionel Hampton’s orchestra.

Dexter Gordon was in that sax section and Arnett Cobb would record “Flying Home #2” with Hampton in 1944.

Those three tenors plus Budd Johnson and Buddy Tate are featured on a joyous version of “Flying Home” from a 1979 jazz festival at the Hague in Holland.

Budd Johnson, Dexter Gordon (who makes Jacquet chuckle by quoting his famous solo) and Illinois Jacquet all get to stretch out a bit on this spirited version while Cobb and Tate are heard in the ensembles.

Not so much a tenor battle as a celebration of swinging jazz, this performance is full of joy.


Dexter Gordon, tenor
Budd Johnson, tenor
Illinois Jacquet, tenor
Arnett Cobb, tenor
Buddy Tate, tenor
Hank Jones, piano
Gene Ramey, bass
Gus Johnson, drums

-Scott Yanow


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