Alfie’s Theme – 1973

Sonny Rollins

Rollins and pianist Walter Davis Jr. are featured

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One of the great tenor-saxophonists of all time, Sonny Rollins had a very productive career despite having three periods when he temporarily retired.

He was off the jazz scene from 1969 until mid-1972, recharging his batteries and thinking about his future direction.

When Rollins returned, his tone was a bit more guttural than before, he utilized his rhythm section as primarily a backup group for his lengthy solos, and Rollins displayed a great deal of energy.

For this performance from a concert in the Netherlands in the summer of 1973, Rollins is joined by pianist Walter Davis Jr, guitarist Yoshiadi Matsuo, electric bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer David Lee.

Rollins and Davis take fine solos on “Alfie’s Theme.”

-Scott Yanow


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