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There’s a lot more to the site that meets the eye

We’re a lot more than jazz videos

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Jazz on the Tube started as a personal collection of jazz gems I found on YouTube and shared with a few friends.

In short, order – without a lick of promotion – it became one of the most visited jazz sites on the Internet…routinely beating publications like Downbeat for traffic.

Lots of people know us as an archive of annotated classic jazz videos (currently the biggest on the Internet), but we’re a lot more than that.

Our menu tells the story: Three different podcast series, comprehensive bio directory, global list of all jazz festivals, clubs and radio programs (the only free online reference of its kind) and a whole lot more.

Free to you, but not to us.

Every month, we’ve got the server bill, the subscription management bill, the tech helper bill and the fees we pay our writers.

If you use it, help support it.

Many thanks to our loyal supporters who make all this possible.


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