Art’s Blues

Art Tatum

From film “Fabulous Dorseys,” 1947

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Unfortunately not much footage exists of Art Tatum playing so this intriguing clip with the Dorsey brothers is a real gem.

The fact that is was beautifully filmed is a bonus.

The tune is called “Art’s Blues” and it,s from a film called “The Fabulous Dorseys.” a fictionalized bio of the two brothers.

It’s a shame the film maker didn’t spend more time on Art and show his hands on top the keys. Oh well, seeing that might have made out heads explode so maybe it’s just as well.

We don’t know the tenor player.

Do you? If so, write us. Thanks.


Art Tatum, piano
Tommy Dorsey, trombone
Jimmie Dorsey, clarinet
Charlie Barnet, sax
George Van Eps, guitar
Ray Bauduc, drums
Ziggy Elman, trumpet
Stuart Foster, bass


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