Bill Evans Trio

From Jazz 625

March 19th, 1965

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Whenever jazz graces the television screen, inevitable and often unfavorable comparisons arise with the legendary ‘Jazz 625′. A well-informed presenter, impeccable sound balance, and a clean and uncluttered approach to camera work and direction seamlessly combined to establish a gold standard in the visual portrayal of jazz. Moreover, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The resolution of the prolonged standoff between the Musicians’ Union and the American Federation of Musicians opened the door for prominent American artists to visit Britain for the first time since the 1930s.

Numerous shows from that era have been poorly preserved in the BBC archives. Many were either discarded after airing or, if broadcasted live, were not recorded at all. Fortunately, ‘Jazz 625’ defies this trend. During the early stages of video tape recording, the technology was still nascent and in high demand. As a result, numerous programs, particularly in the realm of drama, were ‘telerecorded’ onto 35mm film using a feed from the studio output. This technique significantly facilitated editing and contributed to the survival of programs captured using this method.

This particular episode was recorded at the BBC Studios in London on March 19th, 1965.


Bill Evans – Piano
Chuck Israel – Bass
Larry Bunker – Drums


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