Body and Soul

Archie Shepp

Johnny Green’s 1930 masterpiece

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It doesn’t get any more “standard” than Body and Soul. Since Johnny Green wrote it in 1930 it’s been the vehicle for dozens of class recordings including the masterpiece by Ben Webster that changed the way people looked at the saxophone.

This version by Archie Shepp in a live performance, date, and location unknown (but we’re glad someone posted it!)

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In the fall of 1975, Archie Shepp recorded the track “Body and Soul,” off the album of the same name.

Shepp is notable for his embrace of strongly activist Afrocentric music that would define part of ’60s jazz. It was during that decade he would work with the most famous of his collaborators, John Coltrane, on 1964’s album “A Love Supreme.” 1965’s “New Thing at Newport” was a half-Coltrane, half-Shepp recording, split by side.


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