Ornette Coleman Trio

“Who’s Crazy?” Paris, 1966

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Ornette has had many phases in his career.

Nothing seems to have been recorded of his pre-1959 work. Film from the 1959 era when he literally exploded on the scene is so scarce as to be non-existent.

After stepping away from the music business for a few years at the height of his early popularity, he came back to the public eye in 1965. During that first “return” phase, thankfully someone had the presence of mind to make this documentary.

The “Ornette Coleman Trio” in Paris in 1966.


Ornette Coleman, alto sax
David Izenzon, bass
Charles Moffett, drums

Ornette Coleman’s famous trio is featured during their 1966 visit to Paris to record the soundtrack for the Belgium film, “Who’s Crazy?” directed by Dick Fontaine.


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