Bronx Blast – 2020

Bobby Sanabria, Carlos Espada, Carmela Soto and Jorge Vazquez


A celebratory number using voice and percussion

Jazz on the Tube supports and encourages you to support the wonderful work of the Bronx Music Heritage Center run by Bobby Sanabria and Elena Marinez.

In terms of receiving support from tax payer dollars, the Bronx is one of the most neglected communities in America. It’s also consistently been one of the most creative.

The Bronx Music Heritage Center supports the people and musicians of the Bronx like no other institution.

To learn more click here to support.

Performed at the Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC), Bobby Sanabria, Carlos Espada, Carmela Soto, Jorge Vazquez create infectious music with a minimum of instruments and preparation, sounding quite spontaneous.

Performed outside, this “Bronx Blast” has the four musicians playing simple percussion instruments with Espada contributing a lead vocal to a folk song while the others answer him.

It all sounds like a very full band despite just being voice and percussion, showing that when one has the talent, music can be created anywhere with any tools.

-Scott Yanow

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