Canal Street Blues – 2023

Gunhild Carling

Carling ranks as one of the best trad jazz trumpeters

Gunhild Carling often displays enough talent for several performers.

She is a very good trombonist, singer (in a few different styles), dancer, and even bagpipe and recorder player, playing music that ranges from Dixieland to bop.

However on this performance with her group Speakeasy, she is a hot trumpeter who provides a colorful and boisterous lead.

The King Oliver piece “Canal Street Blues” has Gunhild Carling leading an excellent band that includes a few family members; it is comprised of trombonist Idun Carling, saxophonist Michelle Kotlyar, clarinetist Robbie Elfman, pianist Rob Reich, Luke Kirley on sousaphone, and drummer Neil Fontano.

The band displays excellent musicianship and a joyful spirit.

-Scott Yanow