Blue In Green – 2009

Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden

A beautiful and laidback duet version

Guitarist Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden first recorded together on the latter’s 80/81 album in 1980.

Although they were from different generations, they teamed up on a variety of records including Metheny’s Rejoicing, Song X (which also starred Ornette Coleman), and Secret Story, Haden’s Montreal Tapes and Nocturne, the album titled Michael Brecker and Brecker’s Nearness Of You, Joshua Redman’s Wish, Abbey Lincoln’s A Turtle’s Dream, and their 1996 duet album Beyond The Missouri Sky.

Obviously they liked each other’s playing and the mutual admiration is obvious during their laidback version of “Blue In Green” from 2009, one year after their final joint recording.

-Scott Yanow