John Scofield with Medeski, Martin & Wood

Guitarist Scofield and MM&W create a bluesy jam in 1997

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Medeski, Martin & Wood, which was formed in 1991, has been an innovative jazz-based trio for over a quarter-century.

In 1997, MM&W collaborated with the great guitarist John Scofield on his album A Go Go.

They would further team up in 2006 (as Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood) for the recording Out Louder, in 2011 (The World Changes Its Mind) and 2014 (Juice).

The magical combination also appeared at the 1997 North Sea Jazz Festival, resulting in this version of “Chank.”

The funky and danceable jam has hot guitar and keyboard solos and plenty of infectious and grooving ensembles, showing that Scofield was a natural fit with the popular band.


John Scofield, guitar
John Medeski, keyboards
Chris Wood, bass
Billy Martin, drums

– Scott Yanow


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