Stan Kenton


Amsterdam – 1972

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Stan Kenton and his orchestra perform in Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland on February 6, 1972.


Stan Kenton piano & director
Jay Saunders, trumpet
Dennis Noday, trumpet
Mike Vax, trumpet
Ray Brown, trumpet
Joe Marcinkiewicz, trumpet
Dick Shearer, trombone
Mike Jamieson, trombone
Fred Carter, trombone
Mike Wallace, bass trombone
Phil Herring, bass trombone & tuba
Quin Davis alto sax
Richard Torres, alto sax
Kim Frizell tenor sax
Willie Maiden, bass sax
Chuck Carter soprano & bass sax
John Worster, bass
John Von Ohlen, drums
Ramon Lopez, congas

“Chiapas” was composed and arranged by Hank Levy.

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