Cleanhead Blues

Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson

“Vinson plays and sings his famous blues”

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Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson was always a crowd pleaser, whether singing the blues or playing his boppish alto-sax.

This film clip, from a French festival that took place on July 8, 1978, features Vinson performing “ Cleanhead Blues” which is also known as “They Call Me Mister Cleanhead.”

Vinson plays a few fine choruses on alto and then sings about the benefits of being bald.

He is assisted by an all-star rhythm section and David “Fathead” Newman on flute.


Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, vocals, alto
David “Fathead” Newman, flute
George Wein, piano
Milt Hinton, bass
Alan Dawson, drums

– Scott Yanow


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