Dans La Rue d’Antibes

Sidney Bechet acc. by Claude Luter and his Orchestra


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This recording captures Sidney Bechet’s performance with the “Claude Luter Orchestra” in Paris, France, on January 31, 1952. The ensemble features a lineup of talented musicians, including Guy Longnon and Claude Rabanit on trumpets, Bernard Zacharias on trombone, Claude Luter on clarinet, Sidney Bechet on soprano sax, Christian Azzi on piano, Roland Bianchini on bass, and Francois Galepides on drums.

Claude Luter, a French jazz bandleader, had a multifaceted musical career. While he initially began as a trumpet player, he eventually transitioned to the clarinet. However, he is perhaps best remembered for his role as an accompanist, particularly in this recording, where he skillfully supports Sidney Bechet in the vibrant jazz scene of Paris.


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