Don’t Stop The Carnival and Charm Baby – 1976

Sonny Rollins

Two catchy songs from the great Rollins

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One of the greatest of all jazz tenor-saxophonists, Sonny Rollins had been off the scene during 1967-71 (his third retirement period) before returning to jazz.

Rollins made a full comeback in the 1970s, developing a more guttural sound and a new rhythmic style without losing his musical personality.

By the mid-1970s, his rhythm section was used to playing a basic accompaniment behind Rollins’ often-marathon solos which at their best were continually colorful and exciting.

This film clip features Rollins (who was 46 at the time) in colorful form playing “Don’t Stop The Carnival” and “Charm Baby” at a Nov. 12, 1976 concert in Torino, Italy.

Sonny Rollins is joined by keyboardist Mike Wolff, guitarist Aurell Ray, bassist Don Pate, and drummer Eddie Moore.

-Scott Yanow


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