Dreamin’ – 1987

George Benson & Earl Klugh

A collaboration between the two popular guitarists

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George Benson and Earl Klugh first teamed up together on Benson’s 1971 recordings of “White Rabbit” and “ El Mar” from his White Rabbit album.

Klugh’s soft and mellow tone along with his melodic style both contrasted and blended in well with Benson’s and he was also utilized on the latter’s Body Talk album (1973) and Livin’ Inside Your Love (1979).

In 1987 Earl Klugh met George Benson as an equal on Collaborations, an album that included the song “Dreamin’.”

Here is their concert version of “Dreamin’,” performed shortly after they recorded their shared album.

The two guitarist’s mutual respect is obvious and their harmonies show how complementary their styles could be on this likable groove music.

-Scott Yanow


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