Grant Green

The evolution of Grant Green’s Funk


Funk in France/Slick! Live at Oil Can Harry’s

Thanks to a tip from Richard Brody’s review of best archival releases of 2018 in the New Yorker, we got some great new great news. 

The record label Resonance Records released two albums of archival recordings of guitarist Grant Green. 

Do you know Green’s music? 

If you love Wes Montgomery and George Benson, Green will be a revelation. 

The two albums “Funk in France” and “Slick! Live at Oil Can Harry’s” represent the earliest official live and latest official live recordings in Grant Green’s discography. 

For tech heads, Green used a Gibson ES-330, then a Gibson L7 with a Gibson McCarty pickguard/pickup, an Epiphone Emperor (with the same pickup) and finally had a custom-built D’Aquisto. 

According to fellow guitarist George Benson, Grant achieved his tone by turning off the bass and treble settings of his amplifier, and maximizing the midrange. This way he could get his signature punchy, biting tone.

– Ken McCarthy