I Didn’t Know What Time It Was – 2018

Kenny Washington


The San Francisco singing legend is heard in fine form

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Singer Kenny Washington (no relation to the drummer) was raised in New Orleans and spent years as an underground jazz legend in the San Francisco Bay area.

He began appearing on some records as a guest starting in 2004, most notably with Joe Locke, Marcus Shelby, and saxophonist Michael O’Neill but, other than a concert recording in 2015, he did not lead his first album until 2020 with the aptly titled What’s The Hurry?

The release of that CD has resulted in him gaining some long overdue recognition, particularly during an era when there are only a handful of talented male singers in jazz.

“I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” gives viewers a taste of the fine singer who is joined by tenor-saxophonist Anton Schwartz, pianist Marc Seales, bassist Michael Glynn, and drummer D’vonne Lewis.

-Scott Yanow


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