I Thought About You

Etta Jones

“A nice swinging version of the 1940s standard”

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Etta Jones (1928-2001) always had her own personal cry in her voice.

While inspired a bit by Billie Holiday’s phrasing, Etta Jones had a distinctive voice and her own approach to singing jazz, making every note and sound count in a conversational style.

This performance from the 1990s which was performed in Japan has an introduction by the rhythm section, a melodic chorus by Jones, and a fine Houston Person tenor solo.

During the final chorus and the closing vamp, Etta Jones alters the melody to fit the words and her phrasing, displaying plenty of creativity that brings the song to its climax.


Etta Jones, vocals
Houston Person, tenor
Stan Hope, piano
Peter Martin Weiss, bass
Cecil Brooks III, drums

– Scott Yanow


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