Johnny Dodds Day

April 12, 1892 – August 8, 1940

Indigo Stomp

Clarinetist and saxophonist Johnny Dodds was born April 12, 1892 in Waveland Mississippi.

He began performing in New Orleans around 1910.

Joining the migration of Crescent City jazzmen to Chicago, he became one of the most popular clarinetists in 1920s Chicago appearing on many of the great jazz recordings of the era.

He played in prominent bands including those of Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, and Jimmy Blythe, and was a favored sideman of Jelly Roll Morton.

Johnny Dodds developed a distinct highly improvisational style unparalleled among clarinetists of his day.

He was also the elder brother of drummer Baby Dodds with whom he often performed.

After spending much of the 1930s in ill health the great Johnny Dodds died on August 8th 1940.

Recorded in Chicago on February 7th 1929 featuring Johnny Dodds clarinet, Lil Hardin Armstrong piano, and Bill Johnson string bass.

“Indigo Stomp” was composed by Johnny Dodds.