Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins

Newark, N.J., 1958

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“Symphony” Sid Torin was a jazz disk jockey who got his start in the ’30s and was widely held responsible for helping to further popularize jazz music. This song is a tribute to him.

There are a few tales floating around about how he came to hold his nickname. Some claim it’s because he used to play classical music on air before developing an association with jazz. Still others say it was from his work in a Symphony label record store. Others say it came from his having a sponsor, a men’s clothing store.

“Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid,” written by Lester Young, was a successful cover for the George Shearing Quintet.


Charlie Shavers, trumpet
J.C. Higginbotham, trombone
Coleman Hawkins, tenor sax
Lester Young, tenor sax
Pee Wee Russell, clarinet
Harry Sheppard, vibraphone
Willie “The Lion” Smith, piano
Dickie Thompson, guitar
Vinnie Burke, acoustic double bass
Sonny Greer, drums


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