Meadow Sunlight In The Swinging Fields – 2013

Nicole Mitchell


A flute-kora tradeoff on a joyful piece

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Considered one of the top flutists of the past 20 years, Nicole Mitchell originally studied classical music before switching to jazz and improvised music while in college.

She joined the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) in the 1990s, became an important part of the Chicago music scene, and has been a busy performer and educator ever since.

In 2012, her Black Earth Ensemble performed “Meadow Sunlight In The Swinging Fields.”

With accompaniment by cellist Tomeka Reid and drummer Hamid Drake, the flutist has a colorful and fun tradeoff with Ballaké Sissoko who plays the kora, an African string instrument.

-Scott Yanow


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