Name that tune

Sonny Rollins

Have fun with this (but contest may be over)

Sonny Rollins has his own web site called appropriately enough

Lots of great stuff on it which I strongly recommend you check out.

Here’s something from it you might like.

In a very long cadenza, Sonny had some fun reeling off tune after tune…like a magician pulling an endless number of rabbits out of his hat.

(This is kind of thing you can do when you spend 12 to 16 hours a day practicing on the Williamsburg bridge.)

If you’re wondering what a “cadenza” is (I had to look up the exact definition myself), here it is:

1. An elaborate, ornamental melodic flourish interpolated into an aria or other vocal piece.
2. An extended virtuosic section for the soloist usually near the end of a movement of a concerto.

Like all musical terms, it comes from Italian.