On Green Dolphin Street

Shirley Scott

March 14, 1934 – March 10, 2002

Organist Shirley Scott was born March 14, 1934 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Scott played trumpet and piano in high school, and started playing the Hammond B-3 Organ in the 1950’s.

In the late 50’s she achieved national recognition for her recordings with Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis and her husband, Stanley Turrentine.

Scott also led her own trio and toured with Al Grey and Jimmy Forrest.

The music of organist Jimmy Smith influenced her in the hard-bop style.

She became a Philadelphia jazz educator in the 1980s and a respected member of local jazz community.

Shirley Scott performs at the “San Francisco Jazz Festival” on November 3, 1996.


Shirley Scott, organ
Scott “E-Dog” Petersen, tenor sax
Eddie Marshall, drums

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