Paquito D’Rivera

Royal Festival Hall London, 1989

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At age seven the clarinet and saxophonist was the youngest musician ever to endorse an instrument.

After establishing himself as one of Cuba’s leading classical instrumentalists he began to fell increasingly stifled by the constraints placed on his music under the control of Cuba’s communist government.

D’Rivera defected to the United States after visiting the American embassy while touring Spain in 1981.

Upon his arrival he was aided by notable artists including Dizzy Gillespie and performed at some of the most prestigious clubs in New York.

Paquito D’Rivera became a Latin Jazz phenomenon with his first two solo albums “Paquito Blowin” in June 1981, and “Mariel” released in July the following year.

Paquito D’Rivera is featured fronting Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nation Band live in London at Royal Festival Hall in June of 1989.

Personnel Includes:

Dizzy Gillespie, announcer
Paquito D’Rivera, clarinet & alto sax
Claudio Roditi, trumpet
Slide Hampton, trombone

Paquito D’Rivera, the son classical saxophonist Tito D’Rivera, was born in Havana on June 4 1948 where he began to study music under his father at age five, becoming competent enough to preform with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba.


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