Sheila’s Blues – 2012

Sheila Jordan


The singer does a definitive version of her autobiographical blues

Sheila Jordan has long been a national treasure.

As a singer with her own adventurous bop-inspired style and an individual sound, she has been an influential and influential force for quite a few decades, not losing her creativity even as she entered her mid-eighties.

Jordan has also encouraged, coached, and inspired a countless number of other singers through the years with her advice and enthusiasm.

At a Detroit All-Star Revue concert from July 16, 2012 that was sponsored by Don Was of Blue Note, Sheila Jordan was one of the many musicians raised in Detroit who were featured.

She performs a definitive and fascinating version of her autobiographical “Sheila’s Blues,” telling musically how she got introduced to jazz, meeting Charlie Parker and falling in love with bebop.

It is a joyful and heartwarming performance.

-Scott Yanow

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