Smooth Sailing

Arnett Cobb

“The rambunctious tenor-saxophonist performs a blues in 1973”

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Arnett Cobb (1918-89) was a powerful saxophonist who was one of the great Texas tenors, saying a great deal with one note, growl or roar.

30 years after he burst upon the scene with Lionel Hampton, the soulful and always swinging tenor was featured at a French jazz festival in 1973.

He is joined on his “Smooth Sailing,” a medium-tempo blues, with an all-star band that includes guitarist Al Casey who takes a fine solo during one of his rare appearances on film.


Arnett Cobb, tenor
Jay McShann, piano
Al Casey, guitar
Roland Lobligeois, bass
Paul Gunther, drums

-Scott Yanow


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