Star Eyes and I Can’t Get Started – 1974

Sonny Stitt


Stitt in prime form jamming two standards in Italy

Throughout much of his career, Sonny Stitt traveled around the United States and Europe, picking up rhythm sections wherever he went.

A master of the bebop vocabulary, Stitt (whether heard on alto or tenor) loved to “battle” the local competition on the songs that he loved, knowing that at worst he would have a tie with any of the younger talents.

He is featured playing alto on an excerpt of “Star Eyes,” sitting in the audience near Charles Mingus, and performing two wonderful choruses on “I Can’t Get Started.”

Sonny Stitt, who is very much in top form, is joined for this Italian concert from 1974 by pianist George Arvanitas, bassist Jackie Samson, and drummer Charles Saudrois.

-Scott Yanow

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