Booker Little Day

April 2, 1938 – October 5, 1961

“Stars Of Jazz”

Trumpeter and composer Booker Little was born on April 2, 1938 in Memphis, Tennessee.

He attended the Chicago Conservatory from 1956 to 1958 where he connected and played with many of that city’s greats including Johnny Griffin.

Little then moved to New York City where he became Sonny Rollins roommate and played with Max Roach and Eric Dolphy as a sideman and leader.

His untimely death at age 23 due to kidney failure was one of the great tragedies in an art form that is no stranger to them.

He would perform extensively with Dolphy, and in June, 1961, they picked up an important gig at the Five Spot which would eventually produce three live albums.

In this excerpt from an October 1958 broadcast of the “Stars Of Jazz”, Booker Little is featured as a member of the Max Roach Quintet.


Booker Little, trumpet
George Coleman, tenor sax
Ray Draper, tuba
Art Davis, bass
Max Roach, drums